I returned from an errand on a Friday night, and my garage door would not work. I looked inside and discovered that the spring was broken. I called Yossi and he was able to schedule repairs for 2-3 hours later that same day. Yossi arrived in 2 hours and completed all the necessary repairs in about 45 minutes. He is a nice man who seems to want to do good job at fair prices. Easy to recommend and I will call again if needed

Valued Customer
Los Angeles, CA

I had a full day ahead of me, but my garage door had different plans for… thanks to Garage Door Repair Services I was out and about in no time. The rate was the lowest, they got to my house really fast and fixed it quickly. Thank you!!

Ruth & Ben Lerner
Los Angeles, CA

I have had a lot of really frustrating experiences with garage repair services. And believe me, I do not hold back with complaints! My standards are lofty! I do not have a single bad thing to say about my experience with Garage Repair Services. They arrived within minutes of when they said they would, promptly fixed the problem and left without a fuss. I hope I will not need them to return, but I am recommending GRS to all my friends.

Jennifer Green
Sherman Oaks, CA

Fantastic Service! My garage door stopped working twice. The first time I called a company I found on the internet. They were late, rude and didn’t fix the problem. The second time it broke, a friend recommended that I call Garage Repair Service. They fixed the problem in such a short time and didn’t speak to me in technical jargon. I am so grateful to have found this company.

Bernard Somm
Chatsworth, CA

I will call these guys the next time I need service. They have found a loyal customer in me. Professional, Prompt and Prepared. Right up my alley.

Satisfied Customer
Los Angeles, CA

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